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Meet Treaty

Meet Treaty

Treaty General Store opens it’s doors this October.

While the store is a new endeavor, the idea has been in our minds for years.

The concept for Treaty began in our sibling store, Relish Decor. Relish is a notable kitchen furnishings and tabletop boutique located just a few blocks away in downtown Frederick, Maryland. In curating Relish with all of its whimsy, we were often discussing the need for well-designed and useful goods for all aspects of life. This is Treaty, a curated shop with modern basics focused on the essentials.

Outpost for Essential Living

The “general store” in our name is a homage to dry goods stores of old whose shelves were stocked with staples for living. While our assortment is certainly different, our goal to offer what we consider the best-of-the-best is the same.

New items are arriving weekly in-store and online.

218 N Market St, Frederick, MD

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